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I said Legal Lol. Rail Plate Runner. Welcome to Minifig Rides car show. This is how we build....4WLC!

Instagram Picks January 2019: McLaren Senna #4wlc

McLaren Senna / Builder: vancouverbrickcustoms

Hi, 4-wide guys! It's time to show Instagram Picks of this month. I picked up 10 pictures and only one top pick.

Yes, this is very new one, a hyper car made by McLaren. I already purchased a set of Lego Speed Champions MacLaren Senna. I bet this is much cooler than the official set. I like the body color black!
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Masterpiece. #lego #mclarensenna #mclaren #hypercar #4wlc

VanBrickCustomsR?さん(@vancouverbrickcustoms)がシェアした投稿 -

We have so many posts with #4wlc hashtag this month. There are so many nice builds that's why it was very difficult to select top 10 cars. Every builder has a chance to win. Put #4wlc hash tag on your post and challenge the top pick! Keep up the good work and stay 4-wide, guys!

Mercedes AMG / Builder: brick_kustomz
Sunset with a lowered racing car looks beautiful.

1966 Chevy Nova / Builder: aleksandrs_dudarevs
I like the way he builds muscle cars. It's a drag racer.
A tuned car with fully modified. The black body looks so bad!

Phoenix / Builder: franco_4wlc
This is a tuned and stanced Nissan S13. I like its fat tires and camber angles.

Builder: brickseedsgarage
Very lowered old style pickup drag racer. The white body is beautiful.
This Ferrari is also from Speed Champions. The 5-wide body is much better!
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“What’s behind you doesn’t matter” -Enzo Ferrari #Ferrari #F40 #Lego #4wlc

VanBrickCustomsR?さん(@vancouverbrickcustoms)がシェアした投稿 -

Camaro / Builder: jet_4wlc
He brought new Camaro with new Camaro tires to 4WLC. 


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