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I said Legal Lol. Rail Plate Runner. Welcome to Minifig Rides car show. This is how we build....4WLC!

Instagram Picks December 2021: Snow Truck #4wlc


Builder: spektrobiler

Hi, 4-wide guys! It's time to show Instagram Picks of this month. I picked up 10 pictures including only one top pick.

December is winter season. Here is a nice ride for snow land. He built this track vehicle for his son. This must be a great gift!
Every builder has a chance to win every month. Add #4wlc hashtag and challenge the top pick!

Ford Model A / Builder: falouz_4wlc
This hot rod coupe got some typical modifies. Flames on the sides look so cool everytime. 

Builder: saicho_lego
This car is based on a famous custom car of Mooneyes. This is the most beautiful custom of this month.

'59 Chevy Impala / Builder: stanced_4wlc
This 5-wide Impala is so nice especially the rear deck and the tail lights. he cut the front tires for lowering, that's so crazy!

Dubstep Racer / Builder: onkelsepp_lego
This 6-wide racer is mixed up with some oldschool parts of '80s Lego. So fresh ride.

Cozy Coupe / Builder: legocarsfiction_ofc
The best unique car of the month. It's a car for kids. Nice build and nice adding of a sticker of the mouth.
This Mini is so tiny and cute. I like how the head lights connected to the body.

Builder: cha_legomocs
This cool limousine can take 2 people on board. VIP passengers can take ice cream on the back seat.

Builder: junchi_chi
This rusty truck is a very hot custom vehicle. The roll cage body is excellent work.

Nissan Silvia / Builder: never_4wlc
There are so many 4-wide Silvias, this is the hottest one of the month. Nice rims, nice spoiler and nice stickers.


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