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I said Legal Lol. Rail Plate Runner. Welcome to Minifig Rides car show. This is how we build....4WLC!

Instagram Picks April 2023: FB RX-7 #4wlc


Mazda RX-7 / Builder: spin_4wlc

Hi, 4-wide guys! It's time to show Instagram Picks of this month. I picked up 10 pictures including only one top pick.

We already have tons of Japanese sport cars in 4-wide. That's why there are so few fresh cars but this old RX-7 really hit me. I love this rear shot so I put it on top of the blog.
Every builder has chance to win. Add #4wlc tag to challenge the top pick!

Top 10 Picks

Builder: chickenrice_lego
This is so low! I've never seen these tires fit so deep in fenders. Simple but fresh!
There are 2 '64s. I like both of them especially love this shiny yellow lowrider.

Toyota Supra / Builder: kkami_1124
These days 80 Supra is one of dream cars. This is Top Secret version so he chose the color dark tan.

Builder: aisawa_4wlc
He built the stock style police car at first. But a day later it got nice stanced!

Builder: pollypolly_paul
He build so many Mad Maxish vehicles. This off-road rat rod is one of his nice wasteland collection. I like his mini-figure work.

Honda Civic / Builder: static_lego_rides
His cars are always nice stanced. This build is based on his friend's car, an EF Civic. Nice car and nice build.

BMW E30 / Builder: onkelsepp_lego
I always wonder why Germans love cabriolets so much. But this shiny red BMW is very nice one.

UAZ 452 / Builder: simons_lego
I don't know so much about UAZ, but I like this lovely Buchanka face. This is a digital design but still beautiful.

Slumtruck / Builder: hazel_4wlc
I like how wild this truck is. Big engine on front and big speakers on bed, nice build!


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