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I said Legal Lol. Rail Plate Runner. Welcome to Minifig Rides car show. This is how we build....4WLC!

Instagram Picks January 2024: Fiat Multipla #4wlc


Fiat 600 Multipla / Builder: ziutech_

Hi, 4-wide guys! It's time to show Instagram Picks of this month. I picked up 10 pictures including only one top pick.

This is a classic one! We rarely find Euro classic cars in 4-wide. It is a car unlike his other jobs but this Fiat 600 Multipla is awesome build. 
Every builder has a chance to win. Add #4wlc to challenge the top pick.

Top 10 Picks

Fiat 500 / Builder: aesthetics.workshop_
This is another Fiat but for rally racing. Nice build and stickers + awesome pictures!
This Unicorn Mustang is baddass! These rims and fenders are so wild.
This is a group photo but very nice shot for Gantan Japan.
This sand green is very nice for a classic racer.
This smoky picture is beautiful. I love this chair wing.
Japanese good old kei truck is really nice for 4-wide. This old Daihatsu is so cute.
I love open top Porsche, especially in red color. I noticed new red fenders.
I had this set in my childhood. His mod is very nostalgic.
Wow this S13 is so low.


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