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I said Legal Lol. Rail Plate Runner. Welcome to Minifig Rides car show. This is how we build....4WLC!

Instagram Picks March 2024: RWB #4wlc


RWB Porsche 993 / Builder: onkelsepp_lego

Hi, 4-wide guys! It's time to show Instagram Picks of this month. I picked up 10 pictures including only one top pick.

I really love his Porsche builds. This sunshine yellow RWB hit me again. This picture with a palm tree and an ice cream shop is also awesome job.
Every builder has a chance to win. Add #4wlc to challenge the top pick.

Top 10 Picks


Ford Mustang / Builder: ziutech_
This crazy paint Mustang is really nice. I also like how he builds a front end of the car.

Lexus LFA / Builder:  similegocc
This build is a great challenge in 5-wide. I especially love this tail end.

Honda S2000 / Builder: joe_4wlc
A simple stanced S2000 hits the street. A long hood and a short cabin look great.

Builder: spin_4wlc
This classic tow truck got slammed on road! How did you build those rear fenders?

Mercedes Benz / Builder: hazel_4wlc
It's a great idea for building headlights. This emblem on the nose is nice use of parts.

VW Golf Country / Builder: the_lego_stuff__
This is a very rare VW, Golf Country. Lifted suspensions, a front bumper and a spare tire on back are nice builds.
So many legends in '80s F1 racers but so rare in 4-wide. It is a nice addition of 4-wide formula racer.
This harlequin Ferrari racer looks awesome. It has very wide fenders that made it 6-wide.
I want to show this cool 6-wheeler truck. 



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